Tunable optical filter applicable to fiber-optic communication, sensing, medical and biological analysis.


Koshin Kogaku Co., Ltd. has offered the products which is satisfactory for customers since its foundation in 1970 under the slogan "Our product is the crystallization of the technologies we have developed".

We have the integrated system of production from the design to the mass production: a design of the dielectric multi-layered thin films, a test production, an evaluation and a mass production.   We have the peripheral processing technologies along with the coating technology, so we can provide the optimal products which satisfies the customers' demands.

Please let us know your request for the specifications and the quantity.  We will show you the best solution which satisfies you.


Thin Film Filters

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We have been providing the optical filters for optical communication equipments, medical and biological analyzers and digital consumer electronics.
Becaue of the outstanding performance, our products have been applied to the WDM optical components such as the splitter for FTTx, blood and genetic analyzer and surveillance cameras in the security systems.

Tunable Filter Modules

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We have been offering the tunable filter modules for many researchers and engineers in the area of R&D of optical communications systems, laser diodes and photonic devices.
Our tunable filter modules are also assembled in the customers equipments as an optical component in customized or unchanged form.


Tunable Laser Light Sources

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We also have been offering the tunable laser light sources that are used in the R&D activities, and inspection and evaluation of the optical components.
We also can provide the customized model which is designed and constructed in accordance with the customers requests.
We welcome the request for customization on the specifications including wavelength tuning range.